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.::The Snowman
One night I got up and I looked out my window.

The snowman I had made the other day said "come".

I ran to him. We got into an airplane and went to the South Pole.

He taught me how to talk to penguins.

We went to The North Pole. There we played together. I learned to speak polar bear, so I said "Grrrrrrrrr!" then we went back home.

The snowman never melted.

The End.

.::Fairy Ballerinas
The further stories of "A Snowy Car"

One day, my friend and I were walking in the Himalayas, when we met a fairy.

"I am the Fairy Queen of the Himalayas, and of ballet," she said.

The Fairy Queen asked asked us to perform in her ballet recital.

The next morning, we practiced. Then we got on our uniforms and started on our way to the stage.

After the recital, we decided to climb the mountains. So we climbed to the top of one of the mountains.

It was very foggy, so we named it Mount Misty.

The next one we named Mount Ice Cream, and the last one we named Mount Crooked.

Then we went home.

The End.

(This story is dedicated to the O'Connor Clarke Family)

.::A Snowy Car
One day, a car was driving in the woods. It was a very snowy day.

My friend and I were in the car. Our car was very pretty, it had just been painted. It was brown, yellow, purple, pink, and orange. It was covered in stripes. Beautiful!

One hour later...

We saw ten brown monkeys swinging in trees. It was getting dark, so we asked the king of the monkeys if we could come in to his palace to sleep.

"We'd be delighted to," he replied.

"Thanks," said my friend. So my friend and I went inside.

Inside the palace it was very warm. The monkeys told us it was heated by a 10,000cm long fireplace. In the morning, we ate breakfast and then we went home.

The End.

(This comic is dedicated to Ruairi Michael O'Connor Clarke)

.::14 cups
One day, on the 6th of June 2017, my Dad and I got the last front row tickets for the Stanley Cup game.

During the game, Mario Lemieux on the Pittsburgh Penguins shot the puck onto my head in the front row.

Mats Sundin and Owen Nolan came over and asked me if I was OK.

"Yes," I said. "I'm not hurt."

Mario got a 35 minute penalty. The game went into OT in a 3-3 tie, then the Leafs scored four more times and won 7-3!

I got to meet the whole team. They all asked me to watch their start of season game in the President's Box and then play for the Leafs as Assistant Captain.

So the morning of my first game, I got up and practiced.

.::The Queen
Chapter I

Once upon a time, there lived a queen named Isabelle.

Isabelle was a very nice queen. She was almost always writing proclamations for balls - except for when she was telling jokes for audiences all around America.

One day when Isabelle was dancing she accidentally broke her leg. Everybody ran out the door to the hospital and told the nurse to come.

When she got there, Isabelle couldn't get up. Everybody was very sad.

Chapter II

At hospital, Isabelle was very scared, because she was only sixteen years old.

When she got out of hospital she met a man named William. They decided to marry right when they met.

Then Isabelle threw a party - with a ball, of course.

After the ball, William noticed it was 3:00 a.m. Isabelle shouted "Scramble!"

Everybody ran out the doors to their homes and Isabelle and William went to sleep.

The End.

February 2004

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