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age: 9.5


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.::The Mysterious Easter Egg

One day, as I was walking in the potato patch, I saw a potato that was very strange looking.

When I picked it, I noticed it was an egg!

I then took it home and hundreds of dinosaurs hatched from it!

The next day they all ripped up the whole house.  I had to sell them all.

I got to keep the T-Rex.

Three years later he was eating the whole town.  I called for the Canadian army.

The T-Rex ate up half the army then the army fought him and won.

The End.

.::The Adventures of Super Michael

(dedicated to my Daddy)

One day some families got captured by pirates.

They called for a Superhero named Super Michael.

When he got there two had drunk 8 glasses of wine! He took 15 hours to get there because he had to travel 350,000 miles.

Then the pirates tried to capture Michael! He just said "back off".  The Pirates closed in to attack.

Michael ran away then he took off taking the families with him.

They had a big party back in England. In the middle of dessert, Michael got another call then he set off.

The end.

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