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.::The Way to the Sea - Chapter III
A lot of things happen in fictional stories, but will never happen on planet Earth. You will not hear one of them in this story, as this is not fictional. This next chapter may seem as fictional as the Abominable Snowman, but it is definitely not.

I heard Jorgen's joyous cry, and couldn't help getting out of bed to see what he had found. I felt around in the darkness for the light switch. I found it and flicked it up. Jorgen was gaping at the closet for some reason. "W-what's the big discovery?" I muttered sleepily. Jorgen managed to utter a few words. I thought he said something like "This!" He was pointing at the back of the closet. "I-it's just a closet, Jorg." I mumbled, "Y-you put clothes in it. I'm going back to bed."

Jorgen grabbed me and pushed me into the dark closet. I put my hands out to stop myself from hitting the wall, but I felt no wood. It seemed like it was an endless tunnel of darkness.

I don't know how I managed it, but I somehow was able to take my flashlight out from my pyjama pocket and switch it on. The walls looked rough but soft, like dirt.

The air was salty, like it gets when you are near the sea. I turned my attention from the walls to what was ahead of me. There was something blue-green thrashing about not too far away.

My journey ended on a huge patch of sand. I looked down and saw that I was on the beach. I looked out at the vast pool of water. A dolphin was jumping in the distance. The wind blew gently through my hair. For the first time since I had arrived here at Camp Jamahari, I smiled.

I took a few steps toward the water. It felt as if the water was calling me to dive in. To make a long story short (by 'long' I mean about twelve pages); I did. I spent a long time swerving in between the coral. When I finally clambered out, the deep purple of the night sky was streaked with gold. Now, I thought, how do I get back?

I ended up doing something really... uh... silly. I grabbed a pair of toothpicks from my pocket and began to climb up the steep chute I had come down on. The toothpicks were used as pickaxes, like mountain climbers do.

When I reached the top, I collapsed onto a chair, exhausted from my little trip. Then, at that second, I resumed the sleep that I had been awoken from hours ago.

.::The Way to the Sea - Chapter II
There are many unpleasant things in life, such as receiving a birthday present you didn't want, or tripping over a shoelace and getting a bruise. One you may not have heard of is being Subject Chooser of Camp Jamahari.

I will never forget the nervousness I felt as I approached the field that day. There was a tipped-over cardboard box in the middle of the field. I supposed it was to serve as a stage, so I climbed on top. "C'mon!" I beckoned to Jorgen. "No." Said Jorgen firmly. "Jorgen," I said calmly, "It's a box. It's made of cardboard, not bombs." Jorgen hesitated, then, reluctantly, he made his way to the middle of the field.

"I would like to play baseball," I stated. A roar of approval met my words, so I began to relax.

We were on the diamond for the whole morning, slugging, pitching, and catching. My team ended up winning 12-8, and I hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th. Lunch wasn't as good, though, as we had brussel sprouts drenched in a watery substance, which was supposed to be gravy. I would rather have eaten my sister's old socks.

The afternoon was a bit of a blow-up. I asked to go swimming in the sea, and the military guy flared up and yelled like an elephant getting an amputation. "NOT A LIVING SOUL WILL DIP A TOE IN THAT PUDDLE! AS FOR YOU," He jabbed a scarred finger at my chest. I wondered if that finger had felt my heart, which was probably trying to pound my ribcage to smithereens. "YOU WILL BE ON LUNCH CLEANUP FOR A WEEK!" This guy was really starting to get on my nerves. "Affirmative," I answered sarcastically.

Anyway, we did have fun in the end. We played basketball on a regulation court in the huge gymnasium beside the cafeteria.

Dinner was as bad as - if not worse than - lunch. We had rotten egg bread with fish head stew. By the time the meal was over, at least three quarters of the kids had their heads buried in paper bags, especially Jorgen.

That night was the polar opposite of the first night. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow, and Jorgen couldn't sleep. However, in the middle of the night, I awoke to Jorgen jumping on me. "C'mon!" He exclaimed, "You'll never believe what I found!"

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